Japanese Website Has The Most Bizarre Stock Photos on the Internet

Japanese Website Has The Most Bizarre Stock Photos on the Internet
Carl Samson
March 29, 2017
A nurse who makes shaved ice on a patient’s head, breaks a smartphone with her elbow and sucks nectar from an unsuspecting flower are actual photos available for free on a new Japanese website.
While Sukira Nurse appears like it caters to everybody, it actually launched with a very specific niche in mind. Very. Specific.
As stated in its front page (via RocketNews24):
“This is a free-use nurse photo website designed to meet the needs of the maniac one percent of the population which has a demand for this sort of thing. The lineup of photos will satisfy users who have been unimpressed with other photo collection sites!”
Kotaku reported that the site is an offshoot of Nurse-Web.jp, which serves as a recruitment hub for nursing.
Sukira Nurse currently stores over 60 stock photos, all free for personal and commercial use. However, they cannot be used for: (1) purposes that “severely damage” the model’s image, (2) adult deeds or actions that “touch the law,” (3) purposes contrary to public morals, (4) redistribution and sale and (5) in any case deemed inappropriate by the user.
We took some of the weirdest ones below, but there’s way more on the site.
It looks like the maniac 1% is already covered!
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