Men Are Still Showing Up For Thai Durian Tycoon’s Son-in-Law Offer Despite It Being Cancelled


A tourist from China tried his luck at taking the hand of Thai durian tycoon, Anon Rodthong’s daughter following the viral announcement that Rodthong made early last month, offering a $315,000 prize for a suitable son-in-law. However, what the tourist did not know was that Rodthong had retracted this offer long before his arrival.


The Thai durian tycoon took to Facebook on Sunday to remind everyone that the offer to find a husband for his 26-year-old daughter, Karnsita, had been cancelled. The post included a photo of the Chinese man standing behind his daughter, according to Asia One.

I have already canceled the event to find a son-in-law, but he still flew here from China. What a pity. Whoever wants to come tomorrow please don’t – it’s canceled,” the 58-year-old businessman wrote in the post, as translated in the report.

According to a local news report, the man is said to have arrived as part of a tour group from China on Tuesday, April 2. Instead of good news, the prospective candidate was turned down and informed of the cancellation.

Despite the bad news, however, the man reportedly praised the woman for being “cute” and expressed that even though he couldn’t compete for her hand, he wouldn’t mind being friends with her.

Cancellation aside, the Chinese tourist is not the only man that was rejected by the durian tycoon. Days after the announcement of the tournament — and shortly after canceling it — a prospective suitor was denied the chance at the tournament citing that he was “too handsome.”

Featured images via Facebook / อานนท์ รถทอง

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