Malaysian Woman Electrocuted While Talking on Her Charging Cell Phone

A woman in Malaysia was pronounced dead after allegedly being electrocuted by a charging cell phone.

Suhana Mohamad, 30, was believed to be talking on her mobile phone that was plugged into an electrical outlet when she was electrocuted in her home in the Malaysian suburb of Cheras. Local police deputy chief Superintendent Abdul Ghani Mohamad Ji informed local media that her husband took her to the University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical center where she was declared dead last Friday.

Her husband, who is also a police officer with the Malaysian Special Branch Counter-Terrorism unit, was reportedly asleep during the accident. Speaking with the local paper Kosmo, he said the whole incident happened “suddenly” while the phone was charging.

It is uncertain how Mohamed’s husband became aware of her electrocution. Information on the details of the type of phone and wall socket charger have not been disclosed by family members of the victim.

While incidents like these are rare, some suspect that off-brand charging alternatives provided by third-party manufacturers may be the culprit.

h/t: Mashable
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