Suge Knight’s Son Claims Tupac Shakur is Alive and Living in Malaysia

Suge Knight’s Son Claims Tupac Shakur is Alive and Living in MalaysiaSuge Knight’s Son Claims Tupac Shakur is Alive and Living in Malaysia
Marion “Suge” Knight’s son, Suge J. Knight, is igniting the “Tupac is Alive” conspiracy flame once again by claiming that the legendary rapper was not murdered, and that he is alive and well living in Malaysia.
The younger Knight started his series of Instagram conspiracy posts with a simple image saying “Tupac is alive” in black text. Then, right after that, he posted a screenshot of a somewhat heated message exchange he had with an anonymous sender seemingly threatening him for saying too much.
As evidence, Knight presented two alleged pictures of Tupac standing beside 50 Cent and Beyonce Knowles.
However, not everyone is sold on this “evidence” that Knight posted in his Instagram – particularly the one where Beyonce allegedly snapped a picture while standing beside Tupac.
It turns out, the picture was actually taken during the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2009, and the original picture contained Knowles and her husband, Jay-Z, but it was digitally altered to remove the latter’s face and put Pac’s face instead.
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After the pictures, Knight continued his series of Instagram post by uploading a video where he alleged that people are following him.
It was at this point that commenters began to assume he was under the influence of drugs, but he then followed up his video post with an image saying, “I’m not on drugs,” then with another one that says, “I’m safe and just know it was self defense. #killuminati.”
The following day, Knight updated his social media with a rather cryptic video where he speaks with someone from the radio.
And, lastly, his most recent update shows a picture of what Tupac allegedly looks like as he lives his days in Malaysia – accompanied by another video of him taking his bonnet off.
Tupac was mysteriously murdered by a drive-by shooter on September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It wasn’t until September 2017 when a Los Angeles Police Department source involved in the investigation revealed the real motif behind the attack, which was prompted by a gang-related retaliation against Suge Knight Sr., the legendary rapper’s label chief, according to People.
Featured image via Instagram / sugejknight
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