Transgender Thai Designer Creates Stunning Outfits Using Eco-Friendly Materials

One person’s trash is another’s art material. One aspiring designer from Thailand who grew up in poverty is being praised by the internet for her creativity and stunning dress designs.

Thirty-year-old transgender woman Suchanatda Kaewsanga of Korat, Thailand once lived a difficult life. She was bullied and had trouble living with her family and other people, but now she is slowly gaining fame for her creativity in using natural and recycled materials, and turning them into amazing, beautiful works of art.

Some of the gorgeous dresses she created were made from materials that can be found in farms like palm leaves and dry grass.

There was even a dress made from a net once used for chicken feed. With Suchanatda’s imagination, the possibilities are close to endless.

Suchanatda, who also goes by the name of Kiki, was discovered by Malaysian photographers Mackidd Bill and Keow Wee Loong when they visited Nakhonratchasima, which is also known as Korat.

Despite all the hardship she’s been through, Suchanatda still pursued her dream to become a famous designer. Most of her works can be seen on her Instagram and Facebook.

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