Chinese Commuters Run For Their Lives When Subway Station Ceiling Suddenly Collapses

Last Friday, three Shanghai commuters ran for their lives when the Shanghai subway station ceiling suddenly collapsed. 

The scary scene, which was caught on the station camera, showed three commuters casually walking near Exit 3 at Siping Road Station when the accident occurred. The Shanghai subway station ceiling reportedly collapsed due to high humidity as well as other factors.

The manager of the station, Zhu Yao, assured riders that they had taken precautionary measures following the accident.

Zhu said:

“We coordinated with the police immediately cordoning off the area and closing the station. Our staff guided the passengers in and out from other channels. Then we double checked the accident site to make sure that no one had been injured.”

A senior engineer at Line 10, Ma Zhongzheng, said that “part of the grid work was corroded due to dense humidity.”

After examining the area, Ma concluded that factors such as wind pressure changes along with the humidity led to the ceiling’s downfall.

Repairs are already underway. The footage shows construction workers fixing the damage.  The ceiling tiles will be back up there in no time.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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