Subway Argument Between Chinese Man and Foreigner Ends in Bloody Brawl

Subway Argument Between Chinese Man and Foreigner Ends in Bloody BrawlSubway Argument Between Chinese Man and Foreigner Ends in Bloody Brawl
A Chinese man and a Caucasian foreigner engaged in a brief but bloody brawl inside a Beijing subway train last Thursday.
Images of the fight have been widely circulated on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, sparking heated discussions online.
According to (via SCMP) the local man had a verbal argument with the foreigner who was sitting on the floor of the southern-bound train during the morning rush hour, at around 8:20 a.m local time.
Seeing that there was not enough room for incoming passengers, the Chinese man approached the foreigner and talked to him in English, asking him to stand up and make way for other passengers.
His suggestion did not sit well with the sitting passenger and instead, ignited an argument between them. Witnesses claimed that the foreigner punched the Chinese man in the face during the heated verbal exchange. 
The viral images and video showed the Chinese man with a bloody nose and the foreigner’s faces with some spattering of blood. After getting punched, the Chinese man allegedly called the foreigner “white trash” and then spat the blood from his mouth on the foreigner’s face.
Other passengers who witnessed the incident came to the Chinese man’s defense and surrounded the foreigner, who was then accompanied by a woman. The report added that the foreigner eventually apologized to the man that he punched.
When both exited the train at Guomao Station, local authorities were already waiting for them and they were immediately taken to the police station.
 “This is out of line. We need to extradite him back to his home country and ask for a formal apology,” a netizen commenting on CCTV’s report on the incident wrote.
“Look how this expat is being spoiled in China!” another commenter said.
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