Subtle Asian Traits has been nominated for Facebook’s first Community Award

Subtle Asian Traits has been nominated for Facebook’s first Community AwardSubtle Asian Traits has been nominated for Facebook’s first Community Award
Subtle Asian Traits founders
Bianca Gray
October 15, 2021
Social media platform Facebook announced that they are introducing a new award for creators called Facebook Community Awards, and community group Subtle Asian Traits has been nominated. 
Awards: Facebook created this award in order to “showcase, celebrate and reward more of the incredible community builders we see on our platform every day.” Subtle Asian Traits, also fittingly known as SAT, has been nominated under the “Identity” category.
  • On Oct. 7, Facebook released the nominees for the first-ever Facebook Community Awards. There are 22 nominees that are split among seven categories who, as Facebook states, “are doing meaningful work by inspiring others, making an impact and bringing people together across various interests and topics.” 
  • In a post, SAT wrote about the nomination, “We have to thank all of you, our community, for your continuous support. We would not be here without each of you laughing along, submitting your stories, memes, crafts and creations.” 
  • They asked their members to vote for them, saying, “If you’ve ever felt that SAT has contributed something to you, we’d love to have your support!” 
  • Seven out of the 22 nominees will each win $50,000. 
  • People can vote by going on your Facebook mobile phone app, going to the hashtag “#LoveThisGroup” and scrolling down to the “See All Categories” link. Voting is open until Oct. 22. The winners will be announced at the Facebook Communities Summit on Nov. 4.
SAT: The group was created in 2018 by Asian Australians Angela, her brother Kerry and their group of friends in order to “connect Asian individuals globally to create a community that celebrates the similarities and differences within Asian cultures and subcultures.”
  • The group generally makes posts about the Asian diaspora experience in the West. 
  • Originally, the Facebook group started out as just a small community for their friends. But, the group grew and it is now one of the largest online Asian communities with 1.9 million members.
  • According to The Atlantic, Subtle Asian Traits has inspired about 40 other Facebook groups. One member of SAT said, “I feel like it’s reconnecting a lot of Asian Americans with people from their communities, and it’s like one big group of understanding — all these jokes you don’t have to explain.” 
  • Anne Gu, one of the creators, told The Atlantic, “Asians haven’t had the opportunity to have their voice heard in the media. We’re underrepresented. Our Facebook group is giving so many Asians an opportunity to voice their thoughts.” 
  • “We have to sort of bounce between both cultures in our lives. I feel like the group has helped people come to terms with it, and know they’re not alone, and that there are so many people around the world who have the same struggles and same experience,” she continued. 
  • The group has also inspired a production company called Jumpcut to create a television show with the same name as the Facebook group, NBC News reported.
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