TV Series Based on ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Facebook Page is Under Development

TV Series Based on ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Facebook Page is Under DevelopmentTV Series Based on ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Facebook Page is Under Development
“Subtle Asian Traits” (SAT), a popular Facebook group dedicated to memes and posts about the Asian experience, is now being developed as a television series. 
About the project: The college-set television series, based on a script written by Ivan Tsang and Justin R. Ching, will be produced by John Zhang and new studio Jumpcut, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The show has no release date yet as the project is still in early development, according to a recent post by the SAT team.
  • The team said they had been in “contact with filmmakers, producers and writers” who want to bring the page to the screens, noting they will be continuing their discussions with the writers and producers of this project.
  • ”We’re humbled in being part of their vision to focus on the diverse ‘subtle’ Asian traits throughout the diasporic Asian community, and as part of this new wave of Asian representation in media dispelling stereotypes previously used to characterize us,” the post read. 
About the page: “Subtle Asian Traits” was created in 2018 by nine Chinese Australian founders, who gave producer John Zhang the rights to develop the TV project.
  • SAT founders told NextShark that the page originated from a group chat where they shared Asian-related content.
  • “We’re not entrepreneurs, social influencers, media people, or actors. We are literally just normal people who created the group for fun. It just happened! It could’ve happened to anyone. We take credit for creating the group, but anyone could’ve created the group easily and be doing what we are doing now,” Angela, one of the co-founders, shared.
  • The group, which currently has over 1.9 million members, has inspired other interest-focused subgroups such as Subtle Asian Dating, Subtle Asian Fitness, Subtle Asian Travel and others.
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