Stylish Woman Who Attacked Singaporean Cabbie After Refusing to Pay Could Face Jail Time

Last year, a video from Singapore of a stylish Asian woman viciously attacking a cab driver after refusing to pay him went viral on the internet. Approximately five months after, the woman finally faces court.

The woman, a 30-year-old Taiwanese citizen named Dina Huang Chih Yung, was asked to appear in court for assaulting cab driver Cheng Teck Wei, the Strait Times reported.

In the video that went viral and sparked outrage among online users, Huang was seen hitting Cheng after she refused to pay him. The cab driver didn’t allow Huang to just walk away and that’s when she became violent. The woman can also be heard shouting vulgarities at the old man.

Apart from attacking the cab driver, Huang was also accused of striking and kicking a woman named Jeiv Anay Alimithu when she tried to get in between the quarrel. Jeiv is a security officer that was around the premise when the altercation happened.

If found guilty of the assault, Huang will be charged $5,000 and could face jail time up to two years. Additionally, if she is also convicted of verbal abuse, she will be fined $5,000 and could be jailed for six months.

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