85-Year-Old Chinese Farmer Lets Grandson Transform Him Into a Stylish Grandpa

85-Year-Old Chinese Farmer Lets Grandson Transform Him Into a Stylish Grandpa
Ryan General
January 25, 2016
It’s amazing how a few changes of clothing can bring out the inner style of a person, regardless of age.
If you check out this 85-year-old’s fashion photos, you can’t be faulted for thinking that the Chinese grandpa from Fujian was actually posing for a high society fashion magazine.  
The farmer grandpa was given a special photo-shoot by his photographer grandson, and his photos have won the hearts of many online.
Although the photo-shoot was professionally done and could easily fit in the pages of any stylish magazine, the effort was not meant to be commercial as the young photographer, who goes by the name XiaoYeJieXi on Weibo, said he just wanted to travel with his unidentified grandfather and take photos of him in stylish designer clothes and accessories, reports the Modern Met.
The star of the pictorial was featured wearing brightly colored three-piece suits, felted hats and well-tailored denim.
The classy octogenarian in these photos, however, is actually not accustomed to wearing fancy clothes. He is said to be more comfortable wearing his normal everyday wear in his rural town where he is usually found doing gardening and vegetable farming.
The grandson apparently wanted to give his grandpa a great time and also see how his grandpa would compare to the stylish seniors outside China. With the generally positive feedback his photos received, it appears that he has more than succeeded.
After the young photographer posted the lovely pictures of his grandfather online, they were flooded with comments of love and admiration, commending his efforts for giving his grandpa a fun experience.
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