Stunning Film Reveals Life Inside The World’s Most Expensive City for Rich Asians

If there’s a great story to tell about an amazing city like Shanghai, media artist JT Singh will show us the real side of it.

In a new video that follows street and skyscraper tours of Shanghai, Singh peeks at the city’s homes, trains, sidewalks and so much more.

JT Singh

Titled “Shanghai Forever,” the short film gives viewers a glimpse of what it’s like living as ordinary people in the world’s most expensive city for rich Asians.

JT Singh

The dizzying transitions give off a roller coaster ride vibe, resulting in a condensed, three-minute spectacle of Shanghai’s urban everyday life.

JT Singh

People are seen doing all sorts of activities in the film such as cooking, cleaning, working and playing games and musical instruments — there are even a few animal cameos too.

JT Singh

NYC-based architect Lane Rick gave his take on the project:

“With JT’s riveting visual storytelling, viewers experience a series of impressions around historic shikkumen neighbourhoods, which foster a network of real-life experiences, memories, and encounters with locals, which are the tender heart keeping the city alive and charming to live in.”

Other than Shanghai, Singh also made short films based on the cities of Fuzhou and North Korea’s Pyongyang.

Check out “Shanghai Forever” below:

Shanghai Forever from JT Singh on Vimeo.

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