Stunning 237-Square Foot Apartment in Taiwan Looks Unbelievably Huge in Pictures

Today’s rapid urbanization sees an increasing number of residents in cities, prompting the need for more living spaces.

But as areas get more congested and real estate prices surge with demand, innovative, space-saving solutions have become a trend in interior design.

This is why a certain 22-square meter (236.8-square foot) apartment has been catching attention online — the place looked unbelievably huge in pictures as if it measures way bigger.

The team behind this modern apartment is Taipei-based A Little Design, and needless to say, they made sure every inch of the place did not come to waste.

According to ArchDaily, the team renovated the space for a client who travels a lot for work and only needs a hot bath and a good sleep once home.

Apparently, A Little Design worked on that requirement and managed to develop a fully-equipped bathroom and a restful slumber spot on the mezzanine.

In addition, the renovated apartment turned out with a compact yet fully-equipped kitchen, a living room for a couch and dining table, and lots of storage spaces.

The place looks impossibly cozy when one recalls how small it really is. But the ample natural light, sufficient ventilation, and colors of white and oak all help to create a spacious effect.

Check out the rest of the photos below:

Images via Facebook / A Little Design

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