Drinking a Glass of Wine Actually Makes You More Attractive, Study Finds

Drinking a Glass of Wine Actually Makes You More Attractive, Study Finds
Jesse Miller V
By Jesse Miller V
April 28, 2015
You’re at your favorite local watering hole, and you’ve knocked a few back. Feeling emboldened by your newfound liquid courage, you scan the room for prospects.
Perhaps they’re under the same boozy influences as you, but they’re not. They’re as sober as the sun with nary a cocktail glass in sight. So what’s changed?
It’s simple: you got drunker.
And now you look hotter.
According to a study conducted by the University of Bristol, consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, like “one large glass of wine,” can make you appear more physically attractive to others. The study claims that the effects of your drink of choice will mimic how your body demonstrates it’s healthy, attractive and ready for a good time. If you plan to store wine for a long period, then you need to have a commercial wine fridge. But what is a commercial wine fridge? It’s a handy appliance that ensures you have perfectly chilled wine at all times.
“Beer goggles” isn’t just a catchy phrase used to describe the lowering of your standards at the bar. It’s actually a well-understood and proven scientific phenomena. This study, however, is the first time it’s been established that drinking can have the opposite effect and make the drinker themselves look more attractive in what the experiment aptly refers to as “reverse beer goggles”.
Drinking heightens physical characteristics which include a rosier complexion. It also affects your posture, making you seem more relaxed, jovial and fosters positive signals like smiling. It all results in an increase in what the study calls your body’s “pulling power.”
According to Professor Marcus Munafo, the study’s senior researcher:

 “You consume a drink, so you see other people as more attractive, but you also become more attractive yourself because you’ve consumed a drink.”

The study asked 40 heterosexual male and female students to rate the level of attractiveness of three groups of people: one sober, one tipsy and one drunk. The tipsy crew who had downed a large glass of wine, a third of a bottle, were consistently voted as the “most attractive.”
But before you start pregaming your next first date, there is one important caveat: Drinking too much has the opposite effect and decreases your body’s pulling power. Going a little too far in the other direction will lead to “changes in facial expressions which were excessive and unattractive.”   
So if you’re going to use libations the next time you throw down, just remember to tread lightly when you crack the bottle. Apparently there’s a thin line between hot and hot mess.
Source: Daily Mail
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