Netizens suspect man giving candy to Studio Ghibli trick-or-treaters is Hayao Miyazaki

Trick-or-treaters who visited Studio Ghibli last week may have been given candy by none other than Hayao Miyazaki himself.

On Thursday, the official Twitter account of Studio Ghibli posted an image of a man holding a big box of candy in front of a child. Their faces cannot be seen, but the child wears a Halloween costume and the man wears a gray sweater and beige pants.

“This morning a bunch of kids dressed up for Halloween came to see us. It was so heartwarming to see them form groups and take turns shouting ‘trick or treat!’ together,” Studio Ghibli tweeted, as per SoraNews24.

The trick-or-treating reportedly took place at Studio Ghibli’s corporate office located in the Japanese city of Koganei.

Although the face of the employee handing out the candy is not shown, a few Twitter users wondered if he was Miyazaki based on his sweater and his hands. Previous tweets show the Studio Ghibli co-founder’s hands and attire that look very similar to what is shown in the animation studio’s recent trick-or-treating post.

Featured Image (representation only) via Pexels

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