Vet Student Plans to Drop out to Be a Model After Lebron James ‘Liked’ Her Booty Pic

So you post a hot photo of yourself and your booty on Instagram, and someone “likes” it. So what’s next? Move on, right? Or how about throwing away all your ambitions and studies to become a model?

That’s exactly what Josett Latrice plans on doing after a bootylicious pic of her became an overnight sensation because LeBron James “liked” it, according to TMZ.

Yes, that LeBron James, the basketball star who was on a self-imposed social media ban so he could focus on the NBA playoffs. Apparently, that ban was temporarily lifted when LeBron, who’s married and has three children, saw the pic of Latrice’s backside and gave it a “like.”

Now, with just that one “like,” albeit one from an influential basketball player, Latrice claims she’s ready to drop out of veterinary school and become a model.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, so is Latrice’s reaction. She told TMZ that LeBron’s “like” was God’s way of telling her that she should become a professional model. As Latrice put it, the “like” “makes me feel awesome. I LOVE the fact he liked my picture. It’s definitely a sign from God.”

Latrice sent photos of herself to an Instagram account called Perfect Booties, which charges users a fee to have their pictures uploaded. The pic that LeBron chose shows Latrice sporting tight black leggings, a leather jacket, high heels and sunglasses. After being uploaded and not generating much interest, friends of Latrice began talking about her photo the next day, which was when Latrice noticed the big-time “like.”

As for being a model, Latrice says the stars are aligned because LeBron wouldn’t temporarily lift a ban from social media without good reason and wouldn’t “like” a pic of her if he didn’t actually admire it.

As for veterinary school, Latrice says she might just put that on hold as she tries to “get her picture out there.” While she hasn’t become a “booty model” overnight, she hopes her 15 minutes of fame will generate interest from modeling agencies.

And why not? Her booty “like,” after all, is a sign from God.


h/t: DailyMail Images via Instagram
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