Badass Asian Pilot Flawlessly Lands Plane on California Street When Engine Fails

Badass Asian Pilot Flawlessly Lands Plane on California Street When Engine Fails
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 4, 2018
An Asian female pilot trainee successfully made an incredible emergency landing of a Cessna 172 aircraft on a busy California street on Friday.
The small single-engine plane, which was supposed to be heading for John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, made its death-defying landing in the middle of a street in Huntington Beach on Friday afternoon, reports CBS LA.
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The unnamed pilot, a student of Orange County Flight Center, was reportedly forced to land on Hamilton between Newland and Seaforth Lane after losing power during flight, airport officials wrote on Twitter.
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While residents surrounding the area got a scare upon seeing the aircraft maneuvering its way among road vehicles on a residential street, no one was reportedly injured from the incident.
Authorities have nothing but praise for the young pilot for causing no damage to any property, including the plane, during the unorthodox landing.
“Amazing job by pilot putting down her plane during an emergency landing on Hamilton Street in HB.” Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy said. “The plane lost power shortly after takeoff from John Wayne Airport. No injuries or damage.”
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“This could have been really, really bad,” a witness told ABC. “She flew underneath all those wires, which is a pretty big deal. Those wires hang down pretty low and could have killed the power throughout this entire block. It was pretty gnarly.”
The plane has since been moved and is now under the investigation by the FAA in a bid to figure out what caused the plane to lose power.
Feature Image via YouTube / CBS LA
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