Student Dies After Broken iPhone Wire Electrocutes Her While Sleeping in Vietnam

Exposed wiring from a faulty iPhone charging cable caused the tragic death of a Vietnamese schoolgirl after she was electrocuted during her sleep.

Teenager Le Thi Xoan slept while charging her iPhone 6, which she placed on her bed, like she did every night. But she never woke up the next morning.

Police inspected the 14-year-old schoolgirl’s iPhone charging cable and found out that it burnt marks along its numerous exposed wires. The cable itself also had severe tearing on a significant portion.

According to AsiaOne, a portion of the cable’s wires were only held together by a see-through tape. Given the iPhone charging cable’s considerably shorter length, police are now investigating whether or not it was an officially licensed Apple product.

Police speculate that the victim’s cable could possibly be a third-party product since Apple’s cables are usually 20 inches long. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the notorious iPhone cable became the primary cause of risking a user’s life.

A driver in Singapore blamed his tangled iPhone cable for causing a massive car crash. The November 2016 incident resulted with no civilian casualties.

Images via Kenh14

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