Student Gets Trapped in an Elevator For 5 Hours – Does the Most Asian Thing Ever

A junior high student in China took the liberty of doing something most kids his age wouldn’t do while being trapped in an elevator for five hours — his homework.
Thirteen-year-old Sun Yixiao was on his way home when he got stuck in an elevator in Harbin, Heilongjiang province.
In his first act to save himself, Sun “prevented the elevator from falling by quickly pressing the destination floor button,” RocketNews24 said.
He then attempted to communicate through the intercom system, but as fate would have it, he received no reply.
He had no mobile phone to reach out to his network, either. He recalled the horrible experience (via Qilu Evening News):
“I cried for a long time in the elevator, because the corridor was empty, so no one found me stuck in the elevator.”
Sun eventually decided it was time to be resourceful. He took out a pen and paper to call for rescue:
“Someone is inside the elevator. Please contact the building’s administration!”
He slipped the paper through the gap of the door’s elevator, hoping that passersby will take the time to pick it up.
Unfortunately, help did not come quickly. Feeling that he would spend more time in the cubicle, Sun decided to do something unusual at the height of an emergency.
He started doing his homework, beginning with Math, Science and then Chinese. He found time to do his required memorization after.
He sat on his bag and used his lap as a “desk.”
What seemed like an academic prison ended after five long hours, when firefighters finally broke the elevator door. But much to everybody’s surprise, Sun was calm, collected and ready to turn in his homework.
“I heard the fire brigade come and they told me to step back. They used iron rods to break the door. Later, a firefighter squeezed the door, letting me out.”
To his relief, many waited for him outside:
“When I got out, there was the school teacher and many parents, all very excited.”
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