Strict Chinese Wife Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Her Husband Comes Home on Time

Strict Chinese Wife Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Her Husband Comes Home on Time
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 9, 2017
A Chinese wife’s unusual way of keeping track of her husband has gone viral on Chinese social media after her home-installed “attendance machine” was posted online.
To ensure her husband comes home on time every day, an exceptionally strict wife from Shanghai installed a machine that records the time he arrives home.
Should the husband return home later than 9 p.m., he will then be penalized with a fine and a punishment, reports Chinese news site Huanqiu (via Daily Mail).
Wechat user ‘EmmaYi’ discovered the time-monitoring gadget at a female friend’s home and wrote about it online. In her post, her friend explained that the machine was set up to help her “manage” her husband who always worked late nights at an internet company.
“If his company uses the attendance machine to check his clock-in time, I can surely use it to monitor his clock-off time,” her friend reportedly said. 
Right next to the attendance device, a sheet of paper lists down the rules that the husband must follow:
  • He is required to arrive before 9 p.m. every day and must use the machine to clock in.
  • For every half hour that he is late, the man is charged around $13. 
  • If he is late for more than half an hour, he also has to do household chores during the weekend. Arriving on time saves him from washing dishes.
The unnamed woman claimed that her husband has been returning home earlier than before since she installed the apparatus. She also said that because of this, their relationship had improved.
Netizens have weighed in on the effectiveness of the gadget, with some applauding the “management system”, while others think it might be a little too much.
“Where can I buy it? Which brand is it?” a web user asked.
”Maybe the husband will not return home eventually,” another one remarked.
“Are you sure she is not managing several husbands?” one commenter joked.
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