‘Street Fighter’ characters’ AI-generated human faces are nightmare inducing

Street Fighter characters get human faces

A Twitter user ran pictures of “Street Fighter V” characters through StyleClip, an artificial intelligence tool, that gives illustrated characters human-like faces.

Next-level looks: @Siberian_644 shared the results of his experiment on Monday, which included images of the characters Guile, Chun-Li, Laura, Cody, Balrog and Rolento, to name several. Some of the pictures came out great, while others turned out downright hilarious for their wrongness.

  • Below are what can only be described as nightmare-inducing pictures: 


Try it too: StyleClip is a free A.I. tool, available to everyone. It can be downloaded through Github or via Google’s Colaboratory.

  • Max Woolf’s Blog describes the program as “essentially Photoshop driven by text, with all the good, bad and chaos that entails.”

Featured Image via @Siberian_644

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