Street Cleaners Dig Through Garbage For 3 Hours to Find a Tourist’s Important iPhone

Committed Chinese street cleaners in Shanghai sifted through five tons of garbage for hours under the sweltering heat to help Beijing tourists find their lost iPhone.
Zhang Xiaoliang and his girlfriend were reportedly taking a stroll around Yuyuan Garden while visiting Beijing from Shanghai when they realized they had left their iPhone6 behind after eating their lunch, Sohu News reported (via Shanghaiist).
Zhang told reporters than more than the value of the phone, it contains business materials that are too important to lose. He added that real-time GPS tracking data revealed that the phone somehow ended up in the area where trash bins are located. They unfortunately lost the signal upon reaching the garbage station near the City God Temple.
Convinced that it may have ended up under the pile of trash, Zhang then sought the help of the city’s sanitation workers to search for the phone. Sanitation supervisor Han Yiming acted on the request immediately by organizing 15 street cleaners to do the task.
The search party worked for three hours in 98.6 degree heat, or about 37 degrees Celsius, clawing through garbage piece by piece starting at 1:40 p.m.. The team ended the search around 4:30 p.m. after finally finding the lost iPhone in one of the bins.
To express her appreciation for the group’s efforts, Zhang’s girlfriend gave Han a tight hug. The station boss even declined the reward of 1,000 yuan or $150 that she offered.
Zhang shared the story on how Han and his team helped him find his lost iPhone via an online article titled, “The coolest cleaners ever.”
Zhang wrote: “We are really touched that you spent such a long time on finding our phone. I appreciate it very much! You guys are the pride of Shanghai! Thank you so much, the coolest cleaners ever, you’re welcome to come to Beijing anytime!”
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