Strangers gather one by one to help clean 2,000 bottles of beer spilled on S Korean road in viral video

  • After a truck driver in South Korea accidentally spilled 2,000 bottles of Cass beer on the road, strangers began approaching the scene to help clean up the mess.
  • A viral video of the CCTV footage uploaded on Twitter shows the driver cleaning up the mess alone until more people begin to gather, helping to sweep and clean.
  • The video praises the strangers for having kind hearts, and the South Korean beer company is now searching for the good Samaritans to extend their gratitude.
  • The video has garnered over 2.5 million views and 7,940 likes since being uploaded on Thursday.

Heartwarming CCTV footage shows strangers gathering to help a truck driver who accidentally spilled 2,000 bottles of Cass beer onto a road in South Korea.

In the viral video uploaded to Twitter on Thursday, several beer crates fall out of a truck and spill 2,000 Cass beer bottles across the road. The driver appears distressed as he walks towards the mess and begins to clean. A timelapse of the footage shows several strangers approaching the scene as they help the driver clean up the mess by sweeping and picking up the glass shards.

“When a difficult situation occurred to a stranger you rushed to help them as if it were your own problem. You were unable to look away no matter how busy you were. You worked together to help even without an umbrella. In today’s society, those kinds of mindsets are everywhere. A lot has been learned and thank you very much,” the video states.  

The South Korean beer company is now searching for “the heroes” who helped the truck driver. 

“To those whose names we do not know, who demonstrated the strength of a true heart, we are looking for you and would like to express our gratitude,” the video states at the end.

In addition, a QR code was linked to the video asking for the strangers to contact the company.

Twitter users were moved by the heartfelt video.

“Many hands make small work,” one user wrote.

“Seeing this video [made] me realize humanity isn’t completely bleak. I just wish I would see more of it in America,” another user commented.


Feature Image via Twitter @RexChapman

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