‘Stranger Things’ Gets Re-imagined as an ‘80s Anime

‘Stranger Things’ Gets Re-imagined as an ‘80s Anime‘Stranger Things’ Gets Re-imagined as an ‘80s Anime
The beauty of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” is that no matter what the medium is, the show would still work out pretty well, and that is what American animation studio Humouring the Fates did when it reimagined the hit series as an ‘80s cult classic anime.
According to Mashable, the fan-made parody trailer contains some of the scenes taken from “Stranger Things” seasons one and two.
The short video shows a lot of the main characters from the series including the super-powered Eleven, Hopper, Steve with a bat, and D’Artagnan, the little creature that Dustin briefly kept as a pet.
However, if you pay really close attention around the 1:20 mark, you’ll see a rather familiar face among the crowd, but prepare yourself for the feels, though.
As one fan noticed, the character in question does seem to resemble Barb, the character from season 1 (Spoiler alert: she died). But in this version, she’s very much technically alive.
Images screenshot via YouTube / Octopie
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