Twitch Streamer’s ‘Yoga Challenge’ With Boyfriend Triggers Racists Who Swear They Are ‘Bigger’

Lisa Vannatta, the Twitch streamer better known as STPeach, has triggered salty racist men once again after doing the “couples yoga challenge” with her boyfriend, Jay.

For the uninitiated, this challenge is all over YouTube, where couples basically do a bunch of yoga poses together.

STPeach and her boyfriend “accepted” the challenge and shared their performance in a video posted on April 6.

While many were amused at the couple having fun and wished them well, there are those who thought otherwise.

Comments are worse on Instagram:

A number of Spanish-speaking netizens also referred to Jay as “Chino”, which is used to refer to a Chinese person but generally encompasses all Asians. Haters called him “lucky.”

However, one Instagram user claimed that some of the negative comments must be coming from White trolls pretending to be minorities.

STPeach, of course, is no stranger to nasty comments — she probably doesn’t even care about them. Just like she told NextShark previously:

“Just do what you love, and love the person because of them. No matter what you do in life, there will always be people trying to bring you down. Focus on yourself and continue to look forward to the future.”

Watch their yoga challenge:

Featured image via YouTube / STPeach

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