Twitch Streamer STPeach Still Gets Hounded By Racist Incels For Dating an Asian Man

Twitch streamer STPeach, whose real name is Lisa Vannatta, has endured harassment and ridicule from online bashers in the last couple of years for dating an Asian man.

Whenever she posts photos of herself with her Korean boyfriend, Jay, some of her male followers would write negative comments that reek of jealousy and saltiness.


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Merry Christmas Eve, from us to you 🎅♥️🤶#disneyland

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In 2017, many were triggered when Vannatta posted a new YouTube video featuring her and Jay spending some time at the Anime Expo in California.

The pair continued to receive tons of insults online when she broke the news of their engagement via an Instagram post last year.

Vannatta has been accused of having “yellow fever” and being a “race traitor,” while Jay has been targeted with racist names such as “Asian manlet,” “gook,” “homo,” “Chinese” and “lucky motherf**ker.”

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I get to marry my best friend ❤️ . photo by 📷 @pitbex

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It appears comments from racist trolls have yet to let the happy couple be, as Vannatta recently posted more screenshots of the bashings on Twitter.

“It literally blows my mind that so many people are still this racist…” Vannatta wrote on Saturday.

“For the record, Jay is the most amazing, funny, caring, sweet and understanding person I’ve never met. He treats me AND others with respect, and I can’t wait to have cute ass mix babies with him.”

Vannatta’s post has since generated support from her followers who wish the couple well. 


In a previous interview with NextShark, Vannatta revealed that she doesn’t let the hate get to her.

“I’ve gotten everything from being called a slut to much meaner things on the internet. It is honestly just funny at this point. People that have the time to comment these things aren’t happy with themselves, and you have to keep that in mind while putting yourself out there for people to judge.”

She also pointed out that the nasty comments don’t really have an impact on their relationship.

“We are both happy with one another. The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together. To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us.”

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