Store Owner Causes Severe Backlash After ‘Cluelessly’ Stocking Nazi Stickers in Taiwan

A Taiwanese automotive store in the Hsinchu County town of Zhubei has recently come under fire for selling a Nazi flag sticker labeled as the “flag of Germany”.

via FaceBook / 新竹爆料公社

According to Taiwan News, the offending item was spotted by a man named Ted Pillar, who snapped a photo and uploaded it to the FaceBook group 新竹爆料公社 (Xinzhu Baoliao Gongshe).

Israeli representative Asher Yarden urged Taiwanese officials to take swift action to remove the offending item, as it represented a regime of hatred. Yarden also encouraged authorities to educate citizens on the meaning behind the swastika so that they may understand its true nature, according to Apple Daily.

The store manager, Ho Tung-tsan (何東燦), said in an interview with CNA that he did not realize that the sticker was in the shop’s inventory and quickly pulled the item from their shelves. They also promised to be more watchful of their stock in the future.

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