‘Stolen’ Dog at Market Asks for Rescue By Extending Paw to Passerby in China

A scruffy-looking dog chained in front of a meat market in China was able to escape certain death after seeking help from an animal lover. 

Silent plea for help: Bound to be killed for its meat, an American Eskimo Dog at the market in Jilin Province apparently made a desperate attempt to save itself by extending its paw to a passerby on Oct. 26 last year, MailOnline reports. The video recently went viral.

  • The passerby-turned-dog-owner immediately decided to adopt the dog that was very likely to have been stolen from its previous owners, bringing it home on the same day. 
  • In the clip, the dog is visibly hesitant as it offers out its foreleg to humans passing by.
  • “See how scared it was while waiting to be butchered at the dog meat store, and how hopeful it looked,” the owner wrote on video-sharing platform Douyin.
  • The rescuer went on to call upon the government to protect animals through better legislation: “If you don’t love please don’t hurt the appeal: prohibit cruelty to animals, enact legislation as soon as possible!” they wrote in the caption.

Yuan yuan finds a home: The dog, which has since been named Yuan Yuan, has stayed with its rescuer for over a year now. 

  • The owner now uploads videos showing Yuan Yuan being playful.
  • Yuan Yuan is always happy and likes smiling at people, the owner described.

  • There have been petitions in the past to stop the slaughtering of dogs for food.
  • Consuming dog meat is believed to be a source of good health, mainly eaten in south, central and northeast China, reports Yahoo News from Human Society International.
  • Only 20% of the population eats dog meat, with most meat sources from stolen pets and strays, but is on the decline due to COVID-19 and as more people prefer to keep the dogs as pets.

Feature Image via Duoyin

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