Martial Arts Teacher Run Over Multiple Times Until Dead After Argument at Store in Stockton

Martial Arts Teacher Run Over Multiple Times Until Dead After Argument at Store in Stockton

May 12, 2020
A man is facing multiple charges for allegedly killing another man after an argument in Stockton, California earlier this month.
Dontae Wilburn, 34, is accused of running over Rodney Hu, 45, at the parking lot of a strip mall on May 2, resulting in the death of the latter at a hospital after.
Image Screenshot via ABC10
According to authorities, the conflict between the two started inside a Food Source store located in the mall on West Hammer Lane.
Around 3:30 p.m., Hu and his wife reportedly walked out of the store to their car on the parking lot.
Wilburn pulled up in his SUV and exchanged words with Hu, according to an eyewitness.
Shortly after, Wilburn drove off, but only to circle around the lot and return next to Hu’s vehicle.
Dontae Wilburn. Image via Stockton Police Department
What happened next was a violent sight.
“They then backed up and ran him over again. And, then when they went back to go forward again they ran him over again,” an eyewitness told ABC10.
It’s unclear how many people were present at the time of the incident.
“The suspect, who was in a vehicle, intentionally drove over the victim and then left the parking lot,” Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva told FOX40. “What happened yesterday in that parking lot is just heartbreaking.”
Rodney Hu (second from the left). Image via Rodney Hu Goju Karate
Some two hours later, Wilburn crashed his SUV into another vehicle parked outside a home in Kelley Drive. He was arrested shortly after.
Wilburn was arraigned on May 5. He is now facing five charges, including (1) premeditated murder, (2) gross vehicular manslaughter, (3) hit-and-run, (4) hit-and-run property damage, and (5) resisting arrest, according to KCRA.
This is not the first time Wilburn was arrested. In March, he was apprehended after allegedly hitting a man with an unknown object.
The assault reportedly occurred in Kelley Drive. However, the San Joaquin County District Attorney did not file charges as no deadly weapon was found at the scene and deemed it as “mutual combat.”

Hu’s wife, who sustained minor injuries, was also admitted to the hospital.
Loved ones have since paid respects to Hu, a martial artist who ran the Rodney Hu Goju Karate facility.
“He was an incredible martial artist. He understood the movements, the katas, how to generate power,” former student Anthony Olson told ABC10.
Wilburn’s bail has been set at $2.5 million. He will return to court on May 29.
Feature Images via Stockton Police Department (left) and Rodney Hu Goju Karate (right)
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