Two Brothers Won the Lottery on the Same Day, But One is a Little Happier

Two Brothers Won the Lottery on the Same Day, But One is a Little Happier

March 8, 2016
Two brothers from Pennsylvania both won the lottery on the same day, but one of them will be celebrating more than the other.
James Stocklas, 67, was thrilled and said he was shaking for an hour when he found out he had won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $291.4 million, according to Lehigh Valley Live. His less lucky brother also won in the same draw but just for $7.

James Stocklas of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was the sole winner of the $291.4 million #POWERBALL jackpot! He’s posing with…

Posted by Florida Lottery on Friday, March 4, 2016

The new millionaire happily posed for a photo with his winning check along with his brother Robert, who also managed a smile.
We used to always laugh about what we would do if we won the lottery. But we would just say, ‘Dream on.’ All I can say is all this has been a whirlwind…,” said Stocklas.
The jackpot winner recalled that he was admiring a yacht while eating dinner at a local bar just hours before he purchased the winning ticket.
I said, ‘I need to hit the lottery for this,'” he said.
He even took a photo of the yacht and stored it in his mobile phone.
He added: “Now, everyone is saying it was karma or I had a feeling, whatever. I’m not sure what it was.”
The senior district judge has no plans of retiring any time soon and promised to share the jackpot prize with his family.
It’s family,” he explained. “Family takes care of family and now I can take care of my children the right way.
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