SF Boba Shop Shares Shocking Hate-Filled Online Order


The owner of an Asian-owned snack restaurant in San Francisco was left speechless after receiving an online order filled with racial slurs.

What happened: The order was sent to STIX, an Asian bubble tea, Korean-style corn dogs and snacks restaurant in San Francisco, on the afternoon of July 25, according to ABC7.

  • Emily Hui, the owner of the store, and her employees were reportedly shocked by the order they received.
  • The order was filled with racial slurs, including “Ching Chong Ugly A** N****r Stupid F*****g B***h Dumb**s *F*****g Stupid Motherf****r Suck My A** Wit.”
  • Out of concern for the safety of her employees, Hui canceled the order and refunded the customer.
  • A man, aged 19 or 20, still showed up to pick up the order, but he was “confused” by what happened.
  • “We have to take it seriously. We can’t brush it off,” Hui told ABC7 reporter Dion Lim.

Aftermath: Following the incident, the news outlet reached out to ordering platform Square to get answers about the order.

  • However, Square said, “From an engineering perspective the content was made on the customer end and that it wasn’t a security breach.”
  • STIX reportedly received a negative review on Google.
  • The user, who hides behind the handle Sxmzz, left a one-star review on Google detailing how his order was suddenly canceled, but STIX replied that they only canceled one order that day.
Screenshot via Google Review

Feature Image (left) via @DionLimTV, (right) @stixsf

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