Asians Going Crazy Over Steven Yeun’s Latest Magazine Cover Reveals a Sad Reality

Last week, actor Steven Yeun was featured on the latest cover on Entertainment Weekly. Naturally, many people in the Asian community expressed their satisfaction upon hearing the news.

While this is a huge step for Asians in mainstream media, the outpouring of positive vibes also reveals a sobering reality. Blogger The Love Life of an Asian Guy put it the best in a Facebook post:

“Can we please stop jumping for joy every time a white-owned publication acknowledges people of color?


I swear, Asian folks give YT people so much credit for simply LOOKING in our direction. Bon Appetit Magazine could publish a photo of a random Chinese man holding up a pork bun and the Asian-American community would gobble their Kahks like,


I’m over it. I’m tired of begging for representation from these racist egg heads. Am I glad that Steven Yeun is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? Fook yea! But I’m not about to act like this magazine cover and Scarlet Johannsson’s Ghost in the Shell don’t exist in the same universe at the same damn time.

Marvel’s latest film, Doctor Strange, has a whitewashed Tilda Swinton character; I think the last thing us Asian-Americans should do is dance around and act like progress has been made. Don’t lose focus. Keep looking forward, and continue to hold these egghead publications responsible.


We shouldn’t stop until POC faces are the FACE of Entertainment Weekly.

I’m so damn proud of you, Steven Yeun. Keep smashing through those walls, Kuya.”

Looks like we still have a long way to go…

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