News Reporter Confronts Women Who Stole His Credit Card As She’s Being Arrested

For anyone whose credit card disappeared only to receive a fraud alert about some thief enjoying themselves with your money, one Texas news reporter has taken sweet vengeance for us all.

Steve Noviello, a reporter for Dallas Fox 4, received a dreaded fraud alert earlier this month after it was used at a nearby Hilton Garden Inn. When he called the Hilton to investigate, he explained his situation to the staff and learned that a woman named Farrah Parks had used his credit card to book a room.

Parks reportedly used a credit card with her name on it, but the magnetic strip on her card didn’t work, so they entered a credit card number manually — Noviello’s credit card number.

Noviello called the police on Parks, but being the reporter he is, he had to be on the scene. He went to the Hilton and caught Parks as she was being led out of the hotel in cuffs.

“Did you use my credit card to check into your room? Are you Farrah?” Noviello says as he approached Parks.

“I am Farrah, but I did not use your credit card. I used a card with my name on it,” she replies.

“How did you get into the room?” Noviello asks. “I’m not going to speak to you,” she replies.

“Can you help other consumers by letting us know how you did this? Did you use it online?” Noviello presses as they entered the elevator.

As she was being led through the hotel lobby, Noviello says, “You picked the wrong guy!”

Parks eventually mumbles, “I just made bad choices. I’m aware of that and I apologize.”

Noviello typically works on consumer reports and helps other people avoid being cheated — his segment on the station is appropriately called “Save Me Steve.”

Parks remains in jail according to the Fox 4 report below.

h/t: Gawker
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