KTRK Reporter Awkwardly Rescues Confused Man During Houston Flood

KTRK Houston’s news reporter Steve Campion was live on the scene of a flooded underpass when a man in a Honda hatchback slowly drove into flood waters that were clearly too deep for his car to survive.

“Oh my God. What, what do we do? I don’t wanna … ugh …” Campion can be heard saying.

After urging the man to leave his car, he eventually walked away soaked, without his car, but still alive.

“Did you just not think the water was that deep?” Campion asked the rescued man.

“Yeah I didn’t think the water was that deep. My car is under…” said the man.

“You’ve got to leave the car …  I’m just glad you’re okay.” Campion said as the man dazily walked to safety.

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