Steph Curry visits Ah-Sam Florists in San Mateo to support small businesses as they reopen

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Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry recently paid a visit to the famous Ah-Sam Florists store in San Mateo, Calif., as a way to show support to reopened businesses.

The video: Curry, 33, posted the commercial sponsored by Google on YouTube on July 24.

  • In the video, the Warriors’ point guard visited Ah-Sam Florists, an Asian family-owned business that has been in the Bay area since 1933.
  • “The pandemic with the lockdown has changed all businesses,” Shawn Leong, co-owner of Ah-Sam Florists, said. “Closing the business allowed us time to think of how to pivot when we reopened.”
  • Mayme Leong, who has been in the industry for 50 years, showed Curry how to arrange flowers during his visit, ABC7 reported.
  • “He picked up flowers and I taught him how to cut it…I said, well, you play basketball, you better not use a knife because if you cut yourself you won’t play again,” Mayme said.

Other details: Lori Leong received a phone call from a representative of Curry’s team, asking the business if they could be part of a new commercial featuring reopening establishments in the area.

  • “I was surprised, wondering if this is truly happening. Or is it someone playing a hoax on us?” Lori Leong, a family relative, told ABC7. However, the call turned out to be legitimate, and Curry showed up with a camera crew days later.
  • Mayme also told the news network she is a Warriors fan, quipping she likes Curry more than Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James.

Featured Image via Stephen Curry

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