Game Developer Draws Flack for Bad Romantic Plot, Admits He’s Never Experienced Love

Game Developer Draws Flack for Bad Romantic Plot, Admits He’s Never Experienced Love
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
March 12, 2019
The developer of a Chinese independent game available on
The developer, identified only as Rice, responded to a critical comment about his game called “Tiny Snow.”
The game, described as a dystopian visual “novel,” explores the illusion of free will and offers players multiple endings.
Apparently, one player left a review saying that the game’s romantic plot was not convincing enough.
Based on an initial translation, Rice had the most heartbreaking response we’ve heard from a developer yet.
“The plot is not convincing because… I never… experienced love.”
A player was disappointed about the game’s romantic plot.
Making matters even more sad, he reportedly vowed to try harder with sheer creative ability.
“However, I’m really good at writing stories about being rejected and being dumped. I will try harder next time.”
An initial translation interpreted that Rice has never been in love.
In a happy ending to a sad story, many seemed to resonate with Rice’s honest words and decided to purchase his game, which sells for less than $4.
While unable to understand Chinese, they also left supportive comments on the game’s Steam page.
“I have no idea what is being said because it is in Chinese but I want the developer to be happy.”
“Bought this game and the ost to support you,i wish i can do more than that. I hope you can find true love in the near future! But remember that we will always love you~”
“I don’t speak nor read Chinese, I don’t know personally the person behind this game, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t want them to smile a bit so I went on and bought the game and soundtrack. Please be happy and continue to write!”
“Heya, I do not speak the language at all but I just wanna say that I bought the game because it was made by a fellow person who has been unlucky with love T_T. I also trust the review score so if I ever learn Chinese or if there’s a patch I’ll have a good experience with it, keep up the good work!”
“I can’t read Chinese, but I bought this game to support the developer who I think a lot of people can relate to. That being said, everything is presented very well in this visual novel, great background art and cute characters, relaxing music, minimalistic UI. If there’s ever an English patch, I’ll be sure to play this through. To the developer, with all the effort I can see put into this game, anybody would be lucky to have such a creative partner. Keep writing in an honest way and maybe if this game takes off, it’ll be easier for people to see your merit. Hope you find love someday soon. Sending you good luck from the United States.”
Rice has since responded to the new English comments, pointing out that his “sad experience has been exaggerated because of translation problems.”
While some are curious for details, he revealed that he had actually been in love, though those experiences failed.
However Rice was hurt in the past, we’re glad that he still believes in love!
With outpouring support from English-speaking players, he also announced that the game will soon be translated.
Images via Steam / Tiny Snow
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