‘StarCraft’ Esports Celebrities in South Korea Reveal Life as Professional Gamers

‘StarCraft’ Esports Celebrities in South Korea Reveal Life as Professional Gamers
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
August 16, 2017
Several South Korean esports celebrities who play “StarCraft” have recently shared experiences from throughout their professional careers when the mobile game was still popular.
Byun “Berserker” Hyung Tae, Kang “Nal_rA” Min and Park “GoRush” Tae Min, to name a few, were interviewed by Korean YouTube channel Solfa on August 13.
They were all asked several questions, from basic ones such as if they were bad in school or how long they usually play games, to hard-hitting ones including what it’s like to be a professional gamer.
Many fans would love to know the answer to this, especially those who are striving to get a professional career in esports someday.
Shin Sang Moon, also known as Leta in the esports scene, bluntly answered that being a pro gamer is “no fun,” adding, “If you really enjoy playing games, it’ll be really fun at first. But then after a month or so, you’re going to taste death.”
Jo “Hero” Il Jang, meanwhile, admitted that he found fun in a more different environment.
“Honestly, I think the time spent outside of playing games were more fun,” he said.
When I first entered my team, it was a culture shock to me. I didn’t know we had to play games THAT much,” Doh “BeSt” Jae Wook said about his experience as a professional gamer.
Despite the somewhat terrifying facts about professional gaming, some players still admit that they loved their job.
“I enjoyed it nonetheless because it was ‘work’ that I liked. I found joy in knowing that I’m doing what I enjoy for a living,” Nal_rA said in the interview.
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