The Biggest Starbucks in the World Opens in Tokyo and DAMN

The Biggest Starbucks in the World Opens in Tokyo and DAMNThe Biggest Starbucks in the World Opens in Tokyo and DAMN
Carl Samson
March 1, 2019
Starbucks opened its largest location yet in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday.
Following branches in New York, Seattle, Milan and Shanghai, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the Japanese capital is the fifth of its kind, equipped with an industrial roaster that produces 750 tons of coffee per year.
At 32,000 square feet (2,973 square meters), the four-story roastery sits along Tokyo’s Nakameguro neighborhood, just beside the Meguro River.
The location allows visitors a spectacular view of the river through its huge glass walls.
At the heart of its interior space is the world’s largest Starbucks Roastery coffee cask, a towering 55-feet (16.8-meter) copper container that spans all four floors.
Visitors will most likely first spend time at the Main Bar, where some of Japan’s most exclusive Starbucks coffee drinks are available.
As with other Starbucks Roasteries, the location houses a Rocco Princi bakery, which prepares and delivers fresh breads, pizzas, salads and sweets on the different floors every day.
The second floor features the world’s largest Teavana Bar, which offers an enormous selection of specialty blends such as the exclusive Teavana Cream Soda Matcha (900 yen).
On the third floor sits the Arriviamo Bar, a space that serves alcoholic beverages, including specialty cocktails, as well as snacks and desserts.
Finally, the fourth floor houses the coffee pack line, which delivers products to all Starbucks outlets across Japan.
The floor also houses the Amu Inspiration Lounge — a conference area that basically aims “to inspire, connect and knit diverse people and thoughts together.”
Needless to say, the entire interior space pays a detailed homage to Japanese culture, from the cherry blossom copper cask to various art installations across all floors.
Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson, Starbucks Japan’s CEO Takafumi Minaguchi, Starbucks’ Chief Design Officer Liz Muller and Italian baker Rocco Princi attended a press conference at the location a day before its official opening.
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