Starbucks is Now Serving Sushi Burritos With Chicken and Pickled Cabbage

Starbucks sushi burritos

In a surprising move, Starbucks is now serving sushi burritos in addition to their standard coffee and baked goods.

via Starbucks

In an attempt to capitalize off the sushi burrito trend, the company is offering a chicken maki roll to hungry customers starting today, according to ABC 7. It is filled with chicken, tomatillo salsa, cucumber, avocado, crispy onion, and, perplexingly, pickled cabbage.

Starbucks likely chose chicken over fresh fish due to the former’s longer shelf life.

The chicken maki roll is only is only being sold at two locations in Chicago (LaSalle & Monroe and 35th and State street – Bronzeville, to be more precise) as of Tuesday, but if it proves to be a hit, they will become menu items in other cities.

Starbucks is famous for trying new food trends, including their most recent insta-craze, the unicorn frappucino.

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