Starbucks Japan is Now Selling Royal Milk Tea Frappuccinos, is Boba Next?

In celebration of the beginning of the Reiwa Era, Starbucks Japan has released a limited-edition frappuccino especially made for milk tea lovers.

The new drink, called the Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino, comes in an inviting hue of tea and is topped with whipped cream sprinkled with shortbread bits and honey drizzle.

According to the coffee chain, the base of the beverage combines milk tea powder, white mocha syrup, and milk.

“Delving into the mix with a spoon revealed that this drink was a serious homage to tea,” SoraNews24 noted. “Several types of tea leaves are used in the blend, giving it a satisfying depth of flavour and a high-quality, luxurious taste.”

The new drink was given an early debut treatment in select branches in Tokyo on May 4, but official sales across the country will begin on May 15.

Unfortunately, it will only be available until July 18, so anyone excited about trying it out should waste no time.

The Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino is available in a tall size for 590 yen ($5.38).

Japanese Twitter users commented on the drink’s launch announcement:

“It was a treat!”

“It was delicious.”

“I had two cups! Yay.”

“I had it yesterday! Delicious!”

“We had it at Nara Park! The tea is rich and there’s a lot of whipped cream.”

Images via Starbucks Japan

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