Starbucks Employee in Singapore Tips Over Student’s Drinks For Annoying Her

Starbucks Employee in Singapore Tips Over Student’s Drinks For Annoying HerStarbucks Employee in Singapore Tips Over Student’s Drinks For Annoying Her
Ryan General
February 22, 2019
A Starbucks employee in Singapore was captured on camera losing her cool after she was forced to deal with some mischievous students at a local outlet.
An Instagram video of the incident showed students from Woodlands Ring Secondary School (WRSS) joking around with an employee from Starbucks who did not find the children’s attitudes amusing.
In the clip uploaded by Instagram account @parliamentofsingapore, the employee can be seen toppling the drink over in apparent retaliation to the young customers’ actions.
The caption for the video, titled “Starbucks employee no manners,” noted that one of the students instructed the employee to write “Fairprice” on his cup.
According to the post, when the employee called the student up to collect his drink, he insisted that she shout the given name. This apparently annoyed the employee who then decided to topple his drink over.
The video has since received over 60,000 views and generated hundreds of comments as of this writing.
Many of the commenters criticized the students for trying to entertain themselves at the expense of a working employee. Some, however, defended the students and have asked for the video to be taken down.
Addressing the incident, a spokesperson for Starbucks Singapore released a statement saying:
“At Starbucks Singapore, we want our space to be a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy their coffee with friends and family. We are aware of the incident and have since resolved it.”
According to AsiaOne, Joshua Tan, the teacher-in-charge of Student Behavioral Management (SBM), also wrote his reaction in the comments section.
“Thank you for this video, I will settle this with the boys and girls tomorrow and deal with them appropriately,” read his first comment, signed “WRSS SBM.”
The teacher would later confirm that based on an internal investigation, it was found that the students were indeed being “noisy and annoying” at the Starbucks outlet during the incident.
“We teach our students about Responsibility, Respect, and Resilience. Our students were definitely out of line in their behavior and they will make things right,” he wrote in a follow-up comment.
He also made a correction to the original video caption which alleged that the student asked to put the words “F*** me daddy” as the name before it was corrected to “Fairprice.”
“I, however, have spoken personally with three of the Starbucks staff at Kampong Admiralty and they assured me that the students did not use any vulgarity, and certainly not ‘Fxxx me daddy’ as alleged in your post.”
Featured Image via Instagram / parliamentofsingapore
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