Here’s A Look at 17 Different Starbucks From Around the World

World travelers will know that when it comes to Starbucks, each country is different. Americans might think of it as a simple coffee shop, but elsewhere in the world, Starbucks stores can literally be on a train, look like a garden, beach resorts or palaces — some even require you to make a reservation to get in!

Here’s a look at 17 different Starbucks from around the world: 

1. Dazaifu, Japan

Via Flickr: kalleboo


2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Via Flickr: lws


3. Paris, France

Via Flickr: antoniofurno


4. Cusco, Peru

Via Flickr: the10101

5. Dubai, UAE

Via Flickr: london


6. Kuwait

Via Flickr: mralsultan


7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Via Flickr: adamjackson


8. Santiago, Chile

Via Flickr: jikatu


9. South Korea

Via Flickr: gorekun


10. Pahang, Malyasia

Via Flickr: stratman2

11. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Via Flickr: kamaski


12. Turkey

Via Flickr: benhusmann


13. Seattle, USA (The Original Starbucks)

Via Flickr: [email protected]


14. Manila, Philippines

Via Flickr: virtualsugar


15. Shanghai, China

Via Flickr: kawaii77


16. Switzerland

Via Flickr: newyork


17. Mumbia, India

Via Flickr: u07ch


Feature Image via Flickr: [email protected]
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