Woman Fatally Stabs Boyfriend for Calling Her Fat After Wanting Ice Cream

stabs boyfriend

A man was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend in Zhumadian, Henan province, China after he made fun of her weight when she said she wanted to eat ice cream.

The couple, who were in their 20s and had only been dating for less than a month, was reportedly walking around a shopping street in the city on Wednesday when the woman said she wanted to eat ice cream to help beat the heat.

However, her boyfriend suddenly responded saying, “You’re already so fat and you still want to eat ice cream?” witnesses said, according to Shanghaiist.


The woman then kept quiet and went inside a store to buy a pair of scissors. After the purchase, she immediately stabbed her boyfriend four times with it, making him collapse to the floor.

He was then rushed to the hospital by the paramedics, but he succumbed to his injuries after losing too much blood. Meanwhile, the woman was arrested after she attempted to flee.

Featured Image Screenshot via Miaopai

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