Indonesian Domestic Helper Discovers Her Kidney Was Stolen After Three Years

Indonesian Domestic Helper Discovers Her Kidney Was Stolen After Three Years

March 1, 2017
An Indonesian woman came to the hospital to have a checkup but ended up shocked after the doctor said one of her organs was missing.
According to The Jakarta Post, 25-year-old Sri Rabitah (not pictured) claimed that she only found out earlier this year that her kidney was stolen when she tried to work in Qatar three years ago. Apparently, the young mother went to the hospital to report a constant pain she was feeling only to find out that one of her kidneys had gone missing.
Sri said that she suspects that the ordeal happened back in 2014 when she applied to work as a domestic helper overseas via an agency. Her employer required her to go get a medical examination, but what was supposed to be a simple checkup led to a procedure that she knew nothing of.
She was given anesthesia and woke up with an incision scar. After the “checkup” her employers sent her back to Indonesia saying that she was unfit to work. So, without any explanation to what just happened, Sri went back home.
Foreign Ministry official Muhammad Iqbal said that Sri became a victim of organ trafficking. Sri, who is scheduled for an operation this weekend to help her manage her pain, said that she wants to fight back and wants justice served.
“I want the government to sue the perpetrator. My kidney was stolen,” the victim said.
Many Indonesian women flee their country to seek better opportunities abroad as domestic helpers. However, not many of them end up lucky. The Indonesian government already made an announcement in 2015, which prohibits sending Indonesian women to the Middle East to work because of rampant reports of abuse.
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