Sri Lankan Church Mistakenly Prints Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’ Lyrics On Xmas Carol Booklets

Churchgoers in Sri Lanka discovered something unusual in their carol booklets at a religious service earlier this month.
Instead of seeing the usual words to the common Catholic prayer/song Hail Mary printed on the songbooks during the service on December 11, patrons were shocked to find wordings from a different type of Hail Mary, the profanity-laced kind, penned by the late great rap legend, Tupac Shakur.
Lyrics, containing the words: “revenge is like the sweetest joy, next to getting p***y,” is certainly something one might not find appropriate at a service named “Joy to the World.”
One of the attendees named Andrew Choksy (Twitter user Ravindu Thimantha), said he immediately recognized the lyric as Tupac’s song, CNN reported.
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Tupac’s “Hail Mary” also includes a catchy “la da da” chant at the last part of the song’s chorus which may easily be mistaken for a festive Christmas tune. However, lines such as “empty out my clip, never stop to aim” obviously does not fit inside a house of worship, especially if it was promoted as “a festival of music for peace and harmony.”
“A lot of people were in shock as whether it was a joke or someone would actually rap the song,” Choksy was quoted as saying. “A few of the older ladies in front of us could not stop looking at the printed booklet.”
The event, which was organized by the Archdiocese of Colombo and the Joseph Vaz Trust, was held in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. According to the archdiocese’s priest, the organizers immediately asked for the booklets back once they realized the error.
“The page was in the middle of the booklet,” Father Da Silva told CNN. “When people looked at this page, they saw it before the start of the show. Two people saw it and alerted us to it.”
The priest explained that a “young boy,” who was tasked to print the gospel lyrics, had mistakenly downloaded the Tupac’s version of the song. 
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