Original ‘Squid Game’ doll can be found at a museum in South Korea — but not for long

Squid Game doll

“Squid Game” may be the No. 1 show on Netflix, but it’s a giant animatronic doll that appeared in the first episode that has kept fans of the K-drama up at night.

“Red light, green light”: It turns out that the creepy doll can be found at a horse carriage museum and park just a few hours outside of Seoul in Chungcheongbok-do, South Korea.

  • The “Squid Game” production team reportedly borrowed the doll from the Jincheon Carriage Museum, also known as Macha Land, and gave it back after filming.
  • However, in an update on the museum’s website, the robot doll will no longer be displayed at the park, SAYS reported.
  • The manufacturer initially handed the doll over to the museum for private storage, but miscommunication led to the doll being displayed for public viewing following the premiere of the drama.
  • Macha Land has since wrapped up the doll to be returned into storage.

Viral success: “Squid Game” has generated several TikTok videos and amassed billions of views, with many parodying the games from the show.

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  • Replicas of the giant doll have been spotted across the world in places like a Seoul train station and a mall in the Philippines, where people are caught jaywalking.

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Featured Image via gudgotogudgo (left), Cinema Bravo (right)

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