Cheap knock-off ‘Squid Game’ costumes are popping up just in time for Halloween

Squid Game costume knock offs

With Halloween just around the corner, “Squid Game” knock-off costumes from Chinese factories are popping up on e-commerce websites.

Super rip-off: The costumes, which can be found on websites like Shopee and Taobao, are made to look like the outfits worn by the game’s soldiers from the hit South Korean Netflix show, according to Mothership.

  • In “Squid Game,” the soldiers wear a two-part mask that consists of a black balaclava and the iconic black fencer mask with a triangle.
Image via Shopee
  • A Shopee listing offers a similar black balaclava and fencing mask, but it’s unclear from product photos whether the balaclava comes plain or with a triangle on the forehead area of the mask.
  • Also offered on the page is a red coat and red jogging pants combo, which do not look close to the one-piece tracksuit used by the soldiers in the Netflix series. The red coat costume cost 21.90 Singaporean dollars ($16), while the red jogging pants are priced at 20.58 Singaporean dollars ($15).
Image via Shopee
  • A store on Etsy is also offering the iconic black fencer mask for $39.96, Bustle reported. The listing offers three design options of circle, square or triangle.
  • Costume website XOCostume also has a one-piece red jumpsuit available for $65.99.
  • Another store on Shopee offers a Front Man mask that costs 8.80 Singaporean dollars ($6.49). This mask looks more similar to the one seen in the show. 
Image via Shopee

Featured Image Shopee (left), Netflix (right)

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