Doughnut Shop Owner Gets Hot Coffee Thrown On Face By Homeless Woman

Doughnut Shop Owner Gets Hot Coffee Thrown On Face By Homeless Woman
Ryan General
December 11, 2018
A doughnut shop owner was splashed with hot coffee on the face after dealing with a homeless woman causing a disturbance inside her store in Canoga Park, California.
Cindy Seam-Kao, the owner of Spudnuts Donuts, can be seen in the footage captured by the store’s camera confronting the woman for making a scene over the weekend.
According to Seam-Kao, the homeless woman occasionally drops by her shop and has never caused a problem before. She told CBSLA that on that day, the woman was acting differently.
“Just being loud. Wailing. Scaring the little girl. And that’s what concerned me,” Seam-Kao was quoted as saying.
When she noticed that the woman’s behavior was already frightening the other customers, she decided to ask her to leave. The woman became aggressive and at‌t‌ac‌ke‌d the owner.
“I did not expect for her to throw coffee at me,” Seam-Kao said.
The clip, which captured the entire incident, showed the woman throwing a large cup of coffee at her face and then splashing the rest of it onto the front window.
Seam-Kao retaliated by swatting at the woman, who in turn, kicks her. The woman was only forced to leave the shop after other employees came to Seam-Kao’s aid.
The owner expressed that while she already filed a report about the incident with the po‌li‌c‌e, she feels nothing much would come out of it due to the bigger problem of the homelessness in Los Angeles.
“I think like people are talking about it and tired of it but we can’t do anything about it,” Seam lamented. “It feels like we have less rights than they do.”
She revealed that she has cared to several homeless customers in the past, but this incident may cause her to choose who she allows in the store more carefully.
Featured Image via YouTube / CBSLA
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