Racist ‘Eat a Chinese’ Shirts Pulled From Online Store Following Calls for Boycott

A company that lets people design shirts and sell them through their website has apparently let racist tees go up for grabs.

Spreadshirt, founded in Germany in 2002, is a platform for on-demand printing of clothing and accessories. Today, it boasts 70,000 active sellers on the site and more than 3.6 million products printed.

Unfortunately, among their selection were two shirts designed by Quentin1984 and Monigote, which said “Save a dog, eat a Chinese” and “Save a shark, eat a Chinese,” respectively.



Quentin1984’s pro-dog shirt sold for AUD $36.70 ($28), which was much pricier than Monigote’s pro-shark tee at AUD $21.10 ($16).

Thankfully, it appears Spreadshirt already noticed the problem and took the shirts off their website, perhaps thanks to Yomyomf‘s discovery and call for a boycott.

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