Spoiled Rich Kids Flush Rolex Down Toilet, Burn Mercedes Because They Were ‘Bored’

Spoiled Rich Kids Flush Rolex Down Toilet, Burn Mercedes Because They Were ‘Bored’
Ryan General
December 22, 2016
Some Rich Kids of Instagram, who apparently have run out of ideas on how to flaunt their wealth, have decided to just destroy their expensive stuff, simply to show the world that they can afford to do so.
The videos of “spoiled” wealthy youngsters setting fire to a £88,000 ($108,000) Mercedes, expensive shoes and flushing an expensive Rolex watch down the toilet have surfaced online, reported the Mirror.
The clip about the vehicle-burning earned mostly negative reactions from netizens. Initially posted on Instagram, the followers called the rich kids “spoiled brats” after destroying a G-Wagen car “for a laugh”.
“You just waste all your money when people don’t have any to buy food,” an Instagram user wrote. ”Appreciate what you have instead of burning stuff to make you happy.”
In a separate video, another Rich Kid was shown setting his $490 Moschino shoes on fire just because he’s bored.
Other absurd displays of extravagant wastage include another clip of a Rolex being flushed down a toilet, a video of a car being washed with champagne and a kid boasting he used San Pellegrino mineral water to flush a toilet.
The videos of the bored rich kids earned massive backlash from the online community, forcing some of them to take the videos down.
One commenter wrote what most are thinking of about the whole thing: “This page is proof that money cannot buy you class.”
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